Chameleone Honoured With Lifetime Achievement Award At A Festival In Canada

Veteran local musician Jose Chameleone might be focusing on politics lately but his contribution in African music still stands and he is still being recognized for that.

On Saturday, he added another accolade to his collection when he was awarded with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the African Descent Festival in Vancovour, Canada.

Chameleone, real names Joseph Mayanja was recognized for his immense talent in contributing and impacting the society in Africa.

“It was a great presentation and discussion on issues that develop society by the use of Art Where I was honored with the African Descent “Lifetime Achievement Award” for my contribution and Positive impact on African Music,” Excited and thankful Chameleone posted on his social platforms.

The African Descent Festival is an annual event intended to celebrate the cultural diversity of people of the ‘African Descent’ within Vancouver, while recognizing and promoting attitudes of oneness among all African ethnic groups and communities.

The event focuses on activating public spaces and bringing a diverse range of programming to connect stakeholders working avidly for the long term sustainability of this population.

This cultural event will allow Canadians, specifically those from Vancouver to enjoy and learn about different cultures and countries from Africa, some of which have strong embedded grassroots initiatives and history within the city.

Chameleone speaking at a press briefing after receiving the award

A look at the accolade


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