Chameleone Responds To All The Unanswered Questions After Returning From USA

Since January 2019, veteran musician Jose Chameleone has been in the USA together with his family (which is currently based there) having a good time with them. He recently returned a few days ago.

During his short holiday in the US, there have been a lot of unanswered questions. Fans have been wondering whether he was going to stay there for good especially after he acquired a mansion for his family, although a section of the public still don’t believe that he truly bought it.

More questions and public debate about Chamili as he is sometimes called, were sparked off by the news indicating that he intends to stand for Kampala City Mayorship come the 2021 general elections.

All these had gotten his fans and the general public confused until the ‘Valu Valu’ singer finally cleared the air on Monday afternoon at a press briefing held at his owned DNA Lounge located along Acacia Avenue, Kampala.

While asked about whether he relocated to the USA, Chameleone had this say. “I didn’t relocate from Uganda, this is where I am born. There were some little changes after my sons got scholarships in the USA which requires them to stay there. Since they are young boys, they had to be escorted by their mother. I also had to go there and take them through the system in America”

Jose Chameleone and his personal assistant Kasule at the press briefing (Photo by Habre Muriisa)

The musician also hit at the doubting Thomases who think that he lied by posting photos of the house he claims he bought for his family in the US. “The house was bought and if people want me to show them the receipt, I am sorry I won’t do that because it will mean that I will have to show it to all the 43 million Ugandans”.

The singer continued to tell off people who think that buying houses in America is hard especially if you are an African, that they have a wrong perception. “One can buy a house in the US. Americans understand money and business more than us so if you come with your money, they cannot stop you from buying a house of your choice”

On standing for Kampala city mayorship in 2021, Chameleone said. “If people have asked and trusted me to stand, why shouldn’t I? Being a mayor is a calling to serve one’s city. It is you Ugandans who sowed me as a seed and so if you are the same people wanting to benefit from the seed you sowed then why not? I will come and serve you”

The artiste talked about many other many things which included the recent Sheebah and Cindy beef, Fresh Kid’s involvement in music, battle with him and Bebe Cool among others without forgetting his upcoming 40th birthday on 30th of April which he intends to celebrate in style at DNA Lounge. He has invited his musician friends from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to be part of the celebrations.

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