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Chameleone Scraps Off The ‘DR’ Initials From His Name

Photo by Habre Muriisa

It seems pressure is getting the best of Chameleone lately ahead of his concert slated for the 30th June at Cricket Oval.

He first changed the concert four times before settling on the 30th of June which is bad for the publicity going by the fact that it’s dubbed ‘Legend hit by hit’ which will be the mark of his 15 years or so in the music game.

Throughout his musical journey, Chameleone has lived by alias such as Chameleone, ‘Atagejja’ (one who never grows fat), ‘Atakogga’ (one who never loses weight), Heavy Weight and ‘Dr’ which he got not less than eight years ago among others.


Chameleone removes the ‘Dr’ Initial from a name Dr Jose Chameleone which he had kept for more than 8 years (photo credit: Habre Muriisa)

Even without attending any medical classes, Chameleone just woke up one day and named himself Dr and asked why, he just said that he’s a music doctor. There was no objection with that, having contributed a lot to the industry with songs such as ‘Dorotia’, ‘Jamila’, ‘Maama Mia’, ‘Kipepewo’ among others.

But just a few days ago, he woke up and scrapped the ‘DR’ title the way he got it. He did this by changing his official face book page from Dr Jose Chameleone to just Jose Chameleone.  


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