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Chameleone Shows Off Monster Mansion He Bought For His Family In Atlanta

Singer Doctor Jose Chameleone has worked for more than 20 years and through these years, he has done visible things. He has bought porsche cars, built his wife Dinella apartments, opened up a classy bar to mention but a few.

The self styled music doctor raised eyebrows last week when he took to his  Instagram account and shared photos of him with lots of bundles of US Dollars and the next thing we heard was that he bought a monster mansion in Atlanta, USA for his family.

Although some people are still dwelling in doubt with baseless rumours that he is rather renting it, it is true that the ‘Mateeka’ hit maker bought the house at a whooping US Dollars 264,900 ( Ug Shs 977,335,305) and that is where his family (wife Daniella and their 5 children) have been  and will be staying

Chameleone who left for Atlanta a few days ago to meet his family took to his Instagram to share photos of him and his family chilling in the snowy compound of their newly acquired mansion

Although we don’t know the real reason why he decided to shift his family to the Atlanta, this is one way of fulfilling his dream of making his family live a better life.

Chameleone however told off his critics doubting his ability of buying the mansion  to stop discreting people who work hard for their own things like him

“Critics should stop discrediting hard workers. Victory does not come as a gift, it is achieved. Whoever is bad-minding me will be taught a lesson” Said Chameleone

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