Chameleone Thankful His Brother Pallaso Is Still Alive, Rubbishes Those Calling It A Stunt

What started as fun filled video shoot later turned into a nightmare for Team Good Music boss Pallaso who after the shoot was mobbed by a group of xenophobic South Africans who beat him up using sticks and stones plus chasing him around the streets.

As he nurses the wounds on his arms, back and legs according the video shared on his official Facebook page, some critics think this is one of the stunts the singer has pulled to promote his new song ‘Akomelerwe’, whose video he was shooting before the ordeal happened.

There are those spreading allegations that he was allegedly caught vybing a girlfriend to one South African national, who mobilized people to mug him but all this to veteran singer Jose Chameleone who is the elder brother to Pallaso is nonsense

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The ‘Badilisha’ singer didn’t have any kind words for Pallaso’s critics whom he bashed for spreading nonsensical rumours

“The most important thing is he is alive. I heard of those who tried to speak baseless things but those are our Ugandans, they always try to look for information  and create situations. That is why when I fell off a building’s balcony in Tanzania, people said I was beaten over someone’s wife” Chamelone said

As for the allegations that Pallaso was beaten over vybing a girlfriend to a South African national, Chameleone had this to say

Pallaso has very many girls who admire him in Uganda. I don’t think at his level, he can be excited over girls, what is new? The important thing is he is alive and all these things they are saying is just nonsense.” Chameleone added.

According to Pallaso, he says that the gang of angry youth tortured him because of the recent  deportation of South African legendary singer who has come to perform at the annual 31st December ‘Enkuuka Yomwaka’ event organised by Buganda Kingdom.




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