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Chameleone To Sell His Music To UgaTunes At 3.3 Billion Shillings

According to the information we landed on, Ugandan legendary musician Jose Chameleone agreed to sell all his songs to UgaTunes, a new digital music distribution company owned by General Salim Saleh.

The news was broken by singer Ragga Dee who said the deal is the reason why Chameleone and his association members are still camping in Gulu City

“He has apparently agreed to sell all his music he created from 1999 to date and has asked for shs.3.3 billion and uga-tunes is ready to pay him,” he said on an interview with “Uncut” show on NBS TV

A group of local artistes went to Gulu last week to meet General Saleh who is the leader of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and have been camping there while negotiating on how they will profit from their music during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

During the meeting which took place last week, General Salim Saleh asked musicians to use their music to get Covid-19 relief money.

He also promised to buy music from musicians because it is the reason UgaTunes was established and encouraged them to continue working for the industry.

Chameleone stopped selling his songs in 2006 during the time when the later music promoter Kasiwukira studios used to buy artistes’ albums.

The veteran musician said that the business of selling music died because of the rise of computer which aided music duplication in Kampala, being the reason why the late Kasiwukira lost interest in the business.











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