Chameleone Unveils A New ‘Monster’ Car Ahead Of Concert

Although Jose Chameleone’s Legend Hit After Hit concert changed dates more than four times, it is now just hours away and if the words he told Chano8 are ones we should go by, fans should with no doubt brace themselves for a mega performance especially after he said that he wants revellers to kneel down and apologise because of the 4 hour energetic showcase.

Well, while Lugogo Cricket Oval (the concert’s venue) was being set up on Wednesday morning, Jose Chameleone alongside his son Abba Marcus Mayanja passed by to check out how far the preparations were. He came croozing in his brand new car named Dodge Charger model 2017 registration number UBA 316K.

As he left after having confirmed that preparations were ongoing, the ‘Badilisha’ singer did not hesitate to show off and tell us about the all white car that got people staring at.

“This one is a dodge charger and the Americans call it the American bustard.” Chameleone told Chano8 before he sat and drove off. However, we went ahead to know about the car

About the car

It is a four wheel drive manual car loaded with cutting-edge technology that keeps you connected.

From the driver seat to the backseat, the Dodge Charger was crafted to provide the ultimate in high-performance comfort and road-ready confidence.

It has an original beats by Dr Dre sound system and Chameleone joins a few of the Ugandans who own this American ride

According to the Dodge (the manufacturing company) they sell the car at $27,995 which is an equivalent of one hundred million six hundred fourty two thousand twenty five (100,642,025) Ug Shs

 Check out the photos here

Chameleone overseeing the preparations at Lugogo Cricket Oval ahead of his concert

Check out a video of Chameleone showing of his new ride Dodge Charger 2017 model (video Credit: Habre Muriisa/Chano8)

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