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Chameleone’s Heavily Pregnant Wife Daniella Spotted Slaying In London

Daniella Atim, pregnant wife to East African music icon Jose chameleone has been spotted in the United Kingdom with a bulging berry fit to push anytime soon. Using her Facebook page, she posted a picture with her bulge of her 5th baby showing noticeably.

She confirmed to everyone that she is happily enjoying the fine weather in London, United Kingdom as she gears up to deliver her fifth child in the Mayanja family. It was reported that Daniella left last month for the United Kingdom where she is meant to have her delivery for her fifth child with the ‘Mateeka’ hit singer

 Daniela is a mother of four ; Abba Marcus Mayanja, Alfa Joseph Mayanja, Amma Christian Mayanja and daughter Alba Shyne Mayanja and she seems happy to add number 5 in the queue.

The news of Daniella Atim’s pregnancy came out late last year 2017 when she posted a baby bump on her social media platform with a number of photos revealing that she was expecting a new member to enlarge the Mayanja dynasty.

 Last year, Chameleone and wife were rumoured to be on the verge of breaking up. It was reported that,  Daniela Filed a divorce case at the Chief Magistrates Court in Nakawa. She alleged that Jose Chameleone has been beating her up and torturing her up even in the presence of their children hence leaving her wondering whether she is a wife or a slave, so she ran to the courts of law in order to ask for a nullifying of their marriage because she is tired of it all.

It should be noted that Daniella had recently decided to give Chameleone some space in order for him to realize her importance in his life but when he approached her with Roses provided by Judith Heard, she decided to give him a second chance and it seem things worked out as seen in the photo.


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