Chameleone’s New Song ‘Mateeka’ Will Throw You To The Dance Floor

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Before his fans could digest his two latest songs namely ‘Champion’ and ‘Kilabe’ which is off the ‘Kintu’ Riddim, Jose Chameleone dropped a fresh tune dubbed ‘Mateeka’ (Luganda for Laws)

It is another producer Ronnie production which talks about the Music, the love for it and off course dance which is one of the things that celebrates music.

About the song

With a beat and sweet melody which drags one to dance even if you aren’t in the mood, Chameleone starts the tune telling people who disrespect music and dancing to take away their backwards because music a celebration of life before he brings himself in an example of how he dances his stress off before he declares that it is in the laws for one to dance and have fun.

In some line he points out how music can get people dancing even when they are in hiding and also bring in himself as an example of how he takes his stress off by dancing and how he quit drinking whisky but to some people, Whisky is like a catalyst of their fun

In one of the verses he tries to connect love to music and dance calling on his woman to hold and squeeze him tight.  

According to Chameleone, it is a law to dance because dancing and music go hand in hand plus it can help you recall some things that you have gone through through the years


This entire song is dedicated to the love for dance people have and this whole love is derived from music which gets people dancing every time it plays.  

Listen to the song here

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