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“Chameleone’s Lost Influence Forced Him To Come Up With Save Ugandan Music”- Kasuku

He might be a motor mouth but most of the things that Kasuku says are true despite the fact that they have on several occasions gotten him into trouble like being beaten by Kenzo and Daniela a few years back.

Well, the Dembe FM presenter while being hosted on NTV’s The Beat program to wrap up the year said something that people have not known all along.

The ‘Talk and Talk’ host said that Jose Chameleone came up with the ‘Save Uganda music’ initiative to save his own career but not music in general.

He said that Chameleone opened up to him a few months ago while they were at Cayenne and told him that his supremacy was no longer felt in the industry and that he had to come up with something to revive it and the Ugandan music industry.

According to Kasuku, Chameleone said.

“It’s true I’m no longer influential. My reign is not felt anymore which also means that the music industry in Uganda has also gone down the drains because I have been a pillar of it for so many years. So we need to save the music so that I also get saved.” Chameleone reportly said.

Kasuku also added that Chameleone’s other aim was to leave the industry much more organized as their generation is fading away. We are following more on this story and will keep you posted.


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