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Chameleone’s One Man, One million Concert Tickets Already On Sale

Jose Chameleone neww look

It started as a rumour which many people laughed off. Some even rubbished it off as a media attention grabbing stunt. But When Uganda’s music doctor Jose Chameleone finally came out and officially announced the details of the One man One million concert at Kampala Serena Hotel, eye brows were raised.

“Started as a Rumour, I CONFIRM now!!! The sky has never been no limit!!! For my folks that will miss out on this SHOWDOWN,Never worry there is another charity do coming up soon!! 1 man ,1 show,1 thousand. Those up for this ,We are Loading Ugandan music on Record!!Chameleone posted on Facebook back then.

One specific aspect that caused this was the entry fee charged for the concert. A whooping One Million Uganda Shillings. The Concert dubbed ‘One Man , One show , One Million’ has since been a subject of discussion among music critics fans, observers and media practitioners in the entertainment industry.

However, while the debate rages on, the Leone Island boss is busy preparing for the concert. To show the whole world that preparations are in high gear and that he is very serious about the whole project, Chameleone has now produced and released tickets for the show slated for 18th December. The tickets are even on sale now.

This comes after Bebe Cool just recently had a successful concert at the once feared venue. Bebe Cool’s concert was search a huge success it was sold out days before the D-Day. He disproved his haters and critics who had predicted doom – read big flop.

Word coming from the Seguku based Leone Island is that Assistant Inspector General of Police Uganda, Felix Kaweesi has already secured some tickets for the show. This was swiftly followed by South Sudanese Tycoon Tito Tong who bought four tickets for the show. Chameleone himself personally handed them over. We also received exclusive information from our sources that, there are several prominent Kampala based tycoons who have made phone calls to the ‘Wale Wale’ singer to book tickets.


Tito Tong

Tito Tong buys tickets from Chameleone


Kawesi receives tickets from Chameleone


Just like Bebe Cool’s case, some people have already predicted a flop too. But Chameleone who had a successful ‘Tubonge’ concert earlier this year in the vast Lugogo cricket oval, has remained defiant. He has even released new songs like ‘Wale Wale’ and new music videos to raise the tempo for the build up to the show. He posted this message to the haters;

A lot of people will try discredit you in all ways! For me I credit my ability to be who I be. From no where to the weighing scale. That’s reason enough that I will never regret neither blame myself for being ambitious. Some of us don’t try, dare nor Endeavour. Spending time proving haters you are doing well is like keeping on the Humps/Bumps because you are riding a 4*4. I might be riding a Toyota faster than a Benz.They change playlist when they see us and They collapse as you build a tower!!!!

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