Chano8 Conekt And MixaTeens Treat Fans To An Exclusive Movie Plot

For close to three weeks, the hype for the Chano8 Conekt and Mixa TeensBlack Panther Movie Plot’ has been running on social media through a challenge where Chano8 fans were asked questions through a Facebook challenge and those who passed the questions won themselves tickets to watch the trending movie.

 The intention was not to just organise the movie plot but also to launch a new youth campaign and club dubbed ‘Unleash Your Panther’. This will foresee many ventures that bring solutions to problems that we all as a society face so that our cry changes from ‘may the government help us’ to ‘Let the Government come for our help’

Finally, the promised day Saturday the 10th of March came and Century Cinemax based in Acacia Mall, Kamwokya was the place the winners  and some invited guests headed to for this amazing experience. As early 1 PM, the revellers were already at the venue ready for show time.

Most revellers maintained the dress code which was ‘all black’ where as some appeared in other colours. 3D glasses and parcels full of popcorns were handed to everyone on their way into the cinema hall and at few minutes to 3PM, after a brief about what Chano8/Chano8 Conekt and Mixa Teens do, Black Panther was finally on the humongous screen for everyone to watch in 3D

Just like any other cinema hall, the place was silent and the only noise which could be heard was the one made by the popcorn parcels and revellers’ mouths crushing the corns. It was a typical 3D movie experience that was exciting if the words we heard the revellers say after the movie are ones we should go by.

From the movie, the reveller were treated to a red carpet function at Nawab Asian Bistrol where they enjoyed some snacks as well as launching the Unleash Your Panther Campaign and club as well. The events was attendees by mainly students from different universities and tertiary institutions as well as other invited guests like NTV’s Joel Kamadi and Moses Sserugo a movie director.

We have the photos.

SMS ONE/Chano8/Chano8 Conekt/Mixa Teens boss Mrs Elizabeth Mushabe officially launching the Unleash Your Panther campaign

Inside Century Cinemax

SMS ONE/Chano8/Chano8 Conekt/Mixa Teens boss Mrs Elizabeth Mushabe laughing sharing a light moment with some of the revellers


NTV’s Joel Kamadi speaking to the revellers and advising them as well

The revellers were served with food




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