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Chaos At Chameleone’s Wakiso Tubonge Show

Chameleone Tubonge halfThe Wakiso tubonge show that was scheduled for Friday 4th April, was more dramatic than expected as it took an unexpected turn of events. The king of Ugandan music Chameleone failed to show up for his own show on time and the fans did not take this kindly. As much as chameleon’s manager Musa Mukasa tried to convince his fans that he was on his way, nothing could soothe the hungry fans as they booed all the upcoming artists off the stage and later started throwing cups, bottles and chairs at anyone on stage. the venue manager, Deborah Sembatya, pleaded with the fans to calm down but they weren’t having it. Chameleone was supposed to be on stage at midnight and after waiting until 2am, the crowds grew furious. This is when Wakiso police had to intervene shooting bullets in the air to disperse the angry mob that had waited for 5 hrs for the tubonge star.

The fans were not the only ones disappointed, so was the bar owner Deborah Sembatya who did not hide her disappointment and said she would not hesitate to drag Chameleone to court considering she had paid him a deposit of 2m on the agreed 3m for the show.

Word on the street is that, Chameleone had his escalade impounded over failure to pay taxes to the tune of 40m for the tubonge concert. He surely isn’t having a good time but we wish him the best.

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