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‘Chose Career Path Wisely’, Michael Ross Advises Upcoming Artistes

Michael Ross was at one time known as the king of RnB and that was during the days when he released hits like ‘Senorita’, ‘Nalulungi’, ‘Nze Akwagala’ and ‘Tell me’ among others, but as time went on, he went into a hiatus and even people started forgetting about him.

But having been there and done it all, the musician has yesterday in inspirational mood as he decided to give some free advice to all upcoming artistes who want to thrive in the industry.

Michael Ross said that in order to be successful, one has to first ask themselves what their main priority is to be involved in the music career. Whether it is for money purposes or for a career because the industry is so competitive these days.

Michael Ross in one of his latest videos

“First of all ask yourself, are u in it as a life career or just for the money? Because this industry ain’t what it used to be 15 years ago. Real talent is being neglected and suffocated because of greedy people in the media. Therefore young and upcoming artists are being told that they don’t need talent to make it in music, just money to pay off the right people in the right places and you are good to go,” He said.

The ‘Yooyo’ musician also added that People can tell an artist from a struggling person which will eventually affect an artiste along the way and advised every musician not to get involved in beef.  “Beef and controversy make u relevant. But your music is what makes u loved.”

In conclusion, the musician said that whatever one does for money, they should not compromise one’s spiritual and moral values.

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