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Chozen Of ‘Pressure Ya Love’ Fame Signed By Team No Sleep

Do you remember the dynamic duo Chozen and Walden, the two who were thought to be cousins but later turned out that they were actually dating? Well Chozen, the man had travelled abroad after a short stint in the music industry while the lady Walden worked for a certain radio station partly before she also flew out.

Their singing careers, it was thought had hit a dead end but Chozen recently decided to come back and pursue what was actually her dream career but because he was mostly known as a duo artiste and because he hadn’t signed any contract with any reputable company or individual, he returned with mainly one focus – to become a star and to do that, he has decided to sign with Jeff Kiwa under Team No Sleep.


Chozen has joined Team No Sleep

The artiste famed for ‘Pressure Ya love’ track is now a TNS member alongside Sheebah the main artiste, Roden Y and Fefe Busi among others and because of Jeff’s magic, the first song he has featured on alongside Sheebah is already doing well on the airwaves. ‘Wadawa’ is topping charts both in clubs and on most radios and TV stations and like it has always been with the label, music and more music is what Chozen has signed up for.

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