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Chris Brown ‘Shot At’ During The Pre-Party of MTV Video Music Awards

According to reports, music producer Suge Knight has been injured during a shooting at an awards show party in Los Angeles night club which was hosted by RnB singer Chris Brown.

Witnesses said that the ‘Loyal’ singer was the target of the shots fired at the 10AK club, where he was hosting a pre-party for the MTV Video Music Awards.

Chris Brown was unhurt, but three other people fell victim to the shots – among them Death Row Records founder Suge Knight, who was in critical condition after he took a shot to the arm and another injuring his stomach.


Suge Knight, who is no stranger to gun violence, was in the driver’s seat when Tupac was shot in September 1996 which eventually led to his death.

Black Eyed Peas star Apple De Ap told TMZ that there were about four shots that were fired at around 1:30am today.

Police were able to apprehend the suspected gunmen and further searched the nightclub for clues. Roads leading to the nightspot were closed off by police, as the 10AK club was evacuated, with several people detained for questioning. Guests at the event included, Tyson Beckford, The Game and Justin Beiber among others.

Katie Clendon, who is believed to have been in the club at the time of the shooting took to Twitter and said Chris was the target of the shots fired.

‘Literally can’t believe what I just witnessed. Someone tried to fire shots at Chris Brown at 1oak. Speechless.’

She added: ‘Prayers to all those harmed by this. Honestly still in disbelief this happened.’

In the aftermath of the fired shots, Chris Brown was seen remonstrating with other guests as the bouncer told the clubgoers to ‘Get down.’

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