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Christopher Martin Concert At Freedom City Was A Terrible Flop

Jamaican Dance Hall singer Christopher has entered the history books by registering one of the biggest ever concert flops in Uganda. The concert at Freedom city on Entebbe road only had a handful of revelers and according to our sources, the singer had first refused to go on stage when he saw empty seats gazing at him.

There have been concert flops here before involving Jamaican artists like Demarco and Sisqo, but this could well be the biggest flop ever even if those of our own artists like Gen. Mega Dee and Mun G are put in the picture.

Christopher Martin2

Empty seats at Freedom City

The flop according to observers in mainly attributed to bad timing and little (if any) publicity. There were other concerts taking place on the same day, most notably that of Maro at Mackinnon Suits where a respectable crowd pulled up. There was also the horse ride at Kati Kati and not to forget the fact that most parents are saving money for school fees as students start school on Monday.

Although Chris Martin has some hit songs like ‘Paper Loving’, ‘Na na na’ and ‘Cheaters Prayer’ that are big in the country, most Ugandans shied away leaving ushers and bouncers to enjoy the show. By 8:40PM there was almost no one at the venue and the situation continued till late in the night.




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