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Chronixx’s Humble Message To African Leaders

We well know that Rastafarians are inseparable with marijuana and when it comes to most of Reggae singers, they represent for it and smoke it. Reggae star Chronixx is one Rasta man who is comfortable with ‘weed’ and as he performed in Uganda for his very first time at the Kampala Love Live Music concert, he told the revellers and the entire Africa to tell leaders to legalise marijuana.

We are Rasta and we love marihuana, go tell your leaders to legalise marihuana because it’s the healing of the nation.” Excited Chronixx told fans. This concert was organised by Talent Africa Music and Chronixx was the first to open this series of concerts that will happen thrice annually.


Chronixx performing in Kampala recently

In one of his songs dubbed ‘Perfect Tree, ­­’ the ‘Here Comes Trouble’ singer clearly explains how he loves marijuana and how it’s the only one he wants because it brings the light in his brains. It is no surprise that Chronixx asked revellers to tell their leaders to legalise it.


Chronixx tells African leaders to legalise marijuana


some of the revellers who attended the concert

Leaving that aside, Chronixx put up a remarkable and historic performance for the fans for approximately two hours doing songs like  ‘Alpha and Omega’, ‘Start A Fyah’ ‘Roots and Chalice’, ‘Ain’t No Givin In’, ‘They Don’t Know’, ‘Champion’, ‘Most High’, ‘Thanks And Praises’, ‘Access Granted’, ‘Some Where’, ‘Smile Jamaica’, ‘Capture Land’, ‘Ghetto People’, and ‘Here Comes Trouble’.


Chronixx left a remarkable performance in Uganda

He still continues with the Soul Circle Africa music tour which he began in Uganda on Friday, Kenya on Saturday and he will continue to Ethiopia and finally end in ­­South Africa.


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