Cindy Defies The Odds, Makes History By Becoming First Female Artiste To Fill Up Cricket Oval

Cindy Makes History As She Becomes The First Female Artiste To Stage A successful Concert At Lugogo Cricket Oval after Her Boom Party Pulls A Massive Crowd.

The hustle and bustle at the entrance of Lugogo Cricket Oval on Saturday evening said it all. One would think there was some generous person giving out free food at the expansive venue as music enthusiasts fought to enter in long queues that kept bouncers busy throughout.

However, it was neither a refugee disaster kind of situation nor an international artiste causing all the mayhem, but our very own Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy aka The King Herself making history.

Right from the build up, so many things seemed to be going against the former Blu*3 singer and so many people seemed disinterested in the whole affair even just a few days to the show.

Cindy although had challenges when she declared she would hold her concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval, her decision later paid off as the venue was filled up

With very little publicity and advertising going on in the main stream media, many people had written off the lanky singer. But as she would later confess, she stayed put despite the early scare.

Her first setback was failure to secure the first choice venues for the history making concert as they were already booked. And with only the Cricket Oval remaining the available option that “Could accommodate the planned package” Cindy had no choice but to reluctantly make the booking.

With this very tough decision already made, the second obstacle was to convince events and music promoters to buy the idea of Cindy a female artiste holding a concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

However, she got lucky when Nexus Events came on board to be part of the show as well as Tusker Malt as main sponsors which by this time was a huge step towards the success of the event.

The turnaround made the other minor huddles like other artistes not wanting to associate with ‘this risky’ concert to be ignored.

Slowly things started picking up and falling into place as time went on. A few things also started favouring her. For example as luck would have it, Saturday March 7th didn’t have so many concerts competing for party animals and her so called beef with Sheebah gave her much needed publicity as it was constant topic of debate among the two camps. As they usually say, the rest is history.

“It is about time a Ugandan female artiste came and filled up Cricket Oval, this is my vision and I promise to bring you the very best of The King Herself. You cannot afford to miss out on this night,” She said at her press briefing before D-Day.

Fast forward to yesterday; Cindy beat all odds after her concert sold out way before dawn. By 8:00pm, there was still heavy traffic at the entrance as hundreds of desperate fans continued to struggle to access one of the most prestigious and intimidating venues in the country which has been predominantly used by mostly international artists and few Ugandan stars over the years.

So many of the artistes who initially shied away showed up in droves to beef the likes of Kent & Flosso, Eddy Kenzo, Maro, Karole Kasita, Rabadaba, Silver X (from South Sudan), and Viper Ranking who were initially the only ones confirmed to curtain raise.

Lost and found souls like Gift of Kaddu, Micky Wine and Clever J received massive cheers, just like the young blood in Rachael Ray, Grenade and Feffe Bussi. While Bebe Cool provided the talking point of the night after being pelted with bottles of water, beer and urine while performing. Although her persisted and stayed on stage, the bottles continued raining until he left a messy stage behind and disappeared in thin air.

The lady of the night who had promised a performance 10 times bigger also lived up to the hype with a bigger band and 10 queen dancers, an upgrade from the previous concerts where she usually had 3 dancers the fans are used to seeing.

Mc Kats engages Kent and Flosso of Voltage Music after their performance

Youngster Grenade also received massive cheers from the crowd.

The poor sound did not deter the King Herself as she poured her powerful vocals with confidence roared on by a wild cheering crowd and wasted no time digging straight into her long hit list with songs like ‘Aokyayokya’, ‘Tebimala’ and ‘One and Only’ paving the way to a hot session of her old songs.

With carefully choreographed dance routines and beautiful outfits to light up the sessions, the lady of the night exuded expressive vibrancy that fans seem to enjoy to the dot. Some could not take it anymore and joined in singing alone while others simply danced and yelled words of appreciation.

Cindy’s dance routines were well choreographed while Kyaligonza fashion house did a commendable job with the costumes.

It was truly a special moment for Cindy to finally crown herself as ‘The King Herself’

“Tonight, we make history! This was my vision and I am humbled to have such great fans, family and team to support me, Thank you all!” She shared.

By the time she performed Boom Party the title song for her concert, the fans had already had their fill though some still yearned for more as they shouted “Akikoze,” “She has set the record”, “We love you Cindy,” proving to fans that she dared to make her dream a reality.

Some of the excited fans from the VIP section cheering Cindy on.

Herbert Ndugwa the Tusker Malt Brand Representative who was speaking on behalf of the main sponsors could not hide his excitement.

 “This was the beginning of all things, an unprecedented concert to say the least. For Tusker Malt, partnering with Cindy was an easy decision to make, these are two top shelf brands and it’s safe to say that she brought 100% music and we kept it 100% Malt. She is going to be the talk of all town with all the major traffic and we couldn’t be any more proud,” He said.

Comedian Alex Muhangi sharing a light moment with his companion at the show.




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