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Cindy Fires Back At Phina “I Didn’t Steal Your Man”

PrintSince early March the ongoing feud between Ugandan local artists Phina Mugerwa and Cindy Sanyu for Kenneth Muyiisa has been heating up slowly starting with Phina throwing threats of fighting for him. But Cindy has been quiet not letting this drama faze their love. They even took a romantic trip to South Africa and shared their “happy couple”pics with the world showing how much in love they are.

Soon after, Cindy released this statement in response to Phina Masanyalaze’s claims that she stole Kenneth.

“First of all, i have never been Phina’s friend and I didn’t steal her man. You broke up with him 4 years back and he dated other women and you said nothing,” charged Cindy on Social media.

Cindy further said that Phina is trying to tarnish her name by labeling her a husband snatcher and a whore.

“I was in a relationship for 10 years and there has never been a time when anybody or the tabloids said anything about me stealing anybody’s man.

And then someone wakes up one day and tries so hard to tarnish my name by calling me a husband snatcher and a whore on national TV.”

“I know u want to make news and sell your music but did u have to do that at the expense of my name .Did u expect him to stay single for all these years?”

I guess we will have to wait for what Phina has to say about this, Better yet why doesn’t Kenneth say something?


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