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Cindy gets new look while Ken cozies up to Jaki O


News reaching us from breakupsville is that the once smitten couple Ken and Cindy are now moving on. Each one, the only way they know how. The couple dated for a few months and planned to get married, which wedding we all anticipated for a while. It was surprising when we heard they split up for unknown reasons,  it was gossiped that the reason was financial!

The couple has now moved on, Ken just like any other man seems to be looking for solace from another woman. As the saying goes ‘To get over a woman you need to get…….’! Ken Muyiisa has been seen hanging out with Jaki O of obsessions at his bar on Gabba Rd. The two are said to  be more than friendly and never leave each others side.  Rumor has it the bar was opened for Cindy but if the breakup becomes permanent, Jaki O might end up managing both the bar and Ken’s heart.


Cindy, on the other hand is doing  what every girl does after a break up. She got a fresh look! She decided to go blonde. Literally Blonde ! Every girl and their choices, Many people have formed opinions to her look but we won’t. If she is happy then good for her.

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