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Cindy Is Having Second Thoughts About Ken Muyiisa


ken and cindy

Cindy Sanyu who recently broke up with her long time beau Mario who is
the father of their child and proprietor of Cayenne Bar and Lounge had
recently fell in love with a South African soccer player and their
love story has been a whirlwind one leaving a trail of broken and
bitter hearts behind such as his ex girlfriend Phina Masanyalaze a
performer too.

The introduction was one of the things that took everyone by surprise
and made everyone question what the rush was and release how serious
the relationship was. As we waited for the wedding the new happy
couple bought a bar together in Kansanga named Maybach Bar. Trouble
is, now reports are surfacing that there might not be a wedding  after
all seeing as Cindy is no longer with Ken.

Rumor is after the introduction Cindy realized Ken couldn’t sustain the flashy lifestyle
Cindy had grown accustomed to. She wasn’t restocked an either were her
other business. Phina was the first to say ‘i knew she was only after his money’
But then that is all just Rumor, could not be true. Or could it? There
is one way to find out… wait for more details as the story unfolds

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