Cindy To Stage Memorable Show

Not many expected this but we can all agree that it has long been overdue. Musician Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy is slated to stage her second musical show this year, specifically on the 25th of August 2017.

The musician first staged a show in 2013 at Kati Kati restaurant but this time, she will be having this one dubbed ‘A night with Cindy’ at Imperial Royal Hotel and although more details haven’t been brought to the book about the concert, it’s definitely one that cannot be missed.

This is because of how Cindy has transformed herself from just being an artiste to becoming one of the most sought after performers in the country.

Cindy performs at a recent concert. She is now one of the most sought after artistes

Ever since Cindy broke away from Blu *3, she has been on a journey of discovering herself from songs like ‘Nawewe’ which was more of an RnB track that suited few. She switched to dancehall on ‘Ayokya  Yokya’ which actually became a hit of sorts and was later followed up by other songs like ‘You and Me’ featuring P-Square among other songs.

In her journey, she has also had other songs like ‘Still Standing, ‘You and me’, still standing, ‘One and Only’ and ‘Sample Dat’ among others.

Currently, the musician performs at events you never expected her to feature at like Bayimba, Blankets and Wine and was even invited to perform at Kabaka’s birthday party and has been quite impressive in all.


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