Cindy Still Complaining After Spice Diana Beat Her To Best Female Artiste Award At Zzina 2020

Cindy Still Ranting After Spice Diana Beat Her To Best Female Artiste of the Year  Award At Zzina Awards 2019/2020 held over the weekend.

Ever since the Zzina award 2020 was held on Friday night at a scientific ceremony, one person who was not satisfied with the organisers has been complaining because she thinks she deserved to win. That is none other than dance-hall artiste Cinderella ‘Cindy’ Sanyu the King herself who is still ranting on social media over the awards.

The particular category she is not happy about is that of Female Artiste of the Year which she feels she deserved more than the eventual winner Spice Diana basing her argument on the turn up of her Boom Party which was well attended early this year.

“I know exactly who I am in this industry and after the Boom Party concert, I realized that Uganda knows exactly who I am in this region so I chose to believe 40,000 Ugandans than a few board members in an awards committee. Thank you but no thanks. Yours truly.” She said on Twitter.

Cindy(L) thinks she deserved the award more than winner Spice Diana.

Many of her followers and twitter users told her off insisting she had no right to complain because Spice Diana who had more work deserved the award because musically, she had a better year in 2019.

She has since not bowed down and continued with her war of words with the organisers saying she won’t be shut down and will continue to express her views regardless of what other people think.

Proverbs 4:23 Guard your heart…… Proverbs 26:20 Guard your tongue….. Speak what you want to see, declare what you want to be and it shall be. Don’t let other people’s negativity get to you.

She has since kept the discussion on the validity of local awards alive with some sections of music lovers and observers quipping in that, the local awards are even not a big deal in the first place, usually not credible and are way below standard.

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