Cindy stole my man- Masanyalaze

Cindy is dating Phina Mugerwa's Ex

Cindy is dating Phina Mugerwa’s Ex

Ex Blu 3 singer Cindy Sanyu recently broke off her  relationship from Mario, the father of  her child after accusations and counter accusations of cheating from  both sides. The great thing for Cindy though is that she has moved on to someone new. She has a new lover, identified as Kenneth Muyiisa.

However Phina Mugerwa of ‘Masanyalaze” fame has asked Cindy to step aside and leave Muyissa  alone.

Cindy had no idea that Muyisa was romantically linked to Mugerwa and only found out much later. Muyisa has been investing in Cindy’s latest projects.

Mugerwa and Muyisa had been in a relationship  since 2009 and they have a three year old son. Mugerwa has made it clear she is not leaving without a fight!!

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