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Cindy Takes Over Management Of Da Boss Bar.


The roller coaster relationship between Singer Cindy and Ken Muyisa seems to be back on track. The couple started dating early last year, formalized their relationship last year and also separated the same  year.

There were rumor of Ken being bankrupt after buying Cindy a bar in Kansanga named Da Boss.  But after the split Ken then got close to Jackie O , former dancer with the Obsession group, who then starte running the bar.  Ken has been trying to get Cindy back for awhile now.

Cindy recently allowed to reunite with Ken and work on their relationship. She then took over management of ‘Da boss’ bar from Jackie O in what is said to have been a hostile take over that left all staff shocked. Jackie is said to be banned from the bar  and all her staff to have been fired.


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