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Club Dome Thrills Hundreds In Mbarara

Photos by Habre Muriisa

The idea of Club introducing Club Dome a social event targeting university going students across the country in a way of bringing celebrated performers closer to them is working out and if you are still at campus, keep in the know because the next gig could get you unawares since they are doing regional tours.

For the second time, on Friday night Mbarara University of Science and Technology students and the general public were treated to the best performances starting from live Dj mixes, comedy and music performances as the Club Dome event was held at University Inn ground which is just a kilometre away from the main campus.

Revellers were already in party mood as early as 7 PM


Boxing was one of the games that kept some attendees busy


The excitement got some standing on tables


By 7PM, the place was crowded with revellers dancing to live Dj mixes which was just a warm up. Later at a few minutes to 9PM, MC Hype took the stage alongside a Dj with whom they excited the attendees playing the best of the music which got them dancing as he gave free Club beers to some at the front.


MC Hype (left) entertaining the crowd


It was full house


Some of revellers got free club beer

The next round was quite an interesting one as it had Salvado who was the official host, storming the stage alongside fellow comedian Ronnie McVex, and Dj Alberto. The craziness that grew in the crowd could be told on people’s faces and actions because it was real party time that saw people pull rare dance strokes.


Salvado was the official host of the event


Comedian Ronnie McVex co-hosted with Salvado

Andrew Kyamagero with some of his new Mbarara friends in the VIP section

Salvado and McVex’s time did wow the Mbararan’s with not only music played by the Dj but also cracked jokes that got the fans laughing the excitement off as time for music performances which were opened by Dancehall sensation Vampino at 10:24 PM drew closer . He performed songs like ‘Sika’, ‘Love To Dance’, ‘Kyakala’, ‘Linda’ and later his latest banger ‘Smart Wire’ alongside Party Pipo dance crew


Vampino performing


Party Pipo dance crew showcasing their skills in dance

The next act was not an artiste but it was DJ Dash who added on to the crowd’s excitement with live Dj mixes playing the best local and international hit songs. As he played, more Club beers were being given to any reveller who hash tagged #ClubDome and showed to Salvado the MC.


Dj Dash


People came in large numbers

Dj Dash’s moment was taken over by the Uganda’s hottest DJ duo Roja and Slick Stuart who were welcomed on stage by the National Anthem’s instrumental at 10 minutes past midnight amid a lot of ululations from fans. Still in their session, that’s when another artiste The Mith showcased doing his Hip Hop jams like ‘Go hard’, ‘Nga Bili’ and ‘Lighter’.


Dj Roja (in black) and Dj Slick Stuart on the wheels of steel


Dj Roja and Slick Stuart taking a selfie with fans


The Mith doing his thing


They looked scared

The performances were later concluded by Hip Hop star Navio who came to stage with the energy and before he could even begin his performance, the crowd was crazy. He thrilled the fans performing ‘Ngalo’, ‘Mr Dj’, ‘Skamaress’, ‘Nawulila’, ‘Ndi Mukodo’, ‘Njogereza’ and later Djs Roja and Slick Stuart kept the party booming with the mixes till late in the wee hours.


Navio was the last performer


Navio handshaking with his Mbarara fans

In fact these guys have delayed for a long time, if they could do bring these gigs every month, they would have market and sell a lot of alcohol.” Were the words Mugabi Johnson, a Boda Boda rider in Mbarara town when the Club Dome event was concluded.

More Pictures


Dj Roja and Slick Stuart back stage

Selfie Time


That time when Salvado tried deejaying


Salvado taking selfies with fans


Galaxy FM’s Andrew Kyamagero sipping on his Club Twist


Andrew Kyamagero (left) Salvado and Ronnie McVex dancing for the revellers

Some of the attendees pausing for our camera

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