Club Music Video Awards Are Back With A Bang

They were last held in 2013 and Hip-hop icon Navio virtually swept all the awards then and the organisers went mute ever since that evening. The reasons for the call off have been scanty and the public after asking a few questions here and there, resigned to fate. And sure enough fate would have it that the Club music video awards are hitting us once again.

The awards are now back and bigger as announced yesterday at a media launch that took place at Club Play in industrial area. The Music Awards (MVAs) which are organised by Urbane Music Awards Ltd (UMVA) in association with Club Pilsner will take place in March 2017 as an acknowledgement of outstanding works and reward excellence in production of music videos. The awards also act as a platform to encourage and guide those who do not make it to work harder, improve on creativity and technical aspects of their works.


Urban TVs Denzel who was the MC of the night introducing the awards to the media

The awards which are to highlight ‘gold standard’ in music, creativity and achievements in 2016 are now in the second edition following the debut in 2013 where artistes like Navio, GNL Zamba, Kino Musoke, Radio and Weasel won big.

While speaking at the launch yesterday, the Brand manager for Club Pilsner Mr John Katete reiterated that the awards are for Ugandans and will go way high in recognizing talent of musicians and personalities involved in the making of the ‘wonderful’ music videos.


Club Pilsener Brand manager for Club Pilsner Mr John Katete

“As a vibrant and influential brand, Club Pilsner forms a brilliant backdrop to the MVAs, simply because we encourage individuality and Ugandan artistes each have their own ‘cool’ and this is shown in their videos, we are glad to be part of this recognition”. He said.

The award process will officially kicked off yesterday, will have a two-month campaign period which entails submission of entries (17th Nov -26th Dec 2016),nominations(9th Feb 2017), judging, voting which will then culminate into the main event in March 2017.


Mr Peter Katonene and  Mr John Katete answering questions from journalists.

While clarifying on procedure of voting and selection process, Mr Peter Katonene the UMVA Dirctor said the awards will be split in 15 categories where 8 will be decided through voting and remaining by a panel of expert judges who will be announced in due course.

“The 2016 MVAs promises to be the highest profile music event. Urbane is proud to play our part in bringing this inspirational salute t Ugandan music excellence to music fans not only in Uganda but around Africa. This year we have added some new categories beacsue we need to recognise all possible and relevant platforms with the MVAs”. He added.


Munya showins how the website looks like


UBCs Kalvin Da Entertainer and Mc Kenzie laughing at Danzel’s jokes

ROCKSTAR4000 who have been contracted to manage the process and Munya who represented them introduced the website where most of the action will take place and will be audited by independent audit firm Alexander Forbes.


Talent Africa’s Ali Alibhai(L) at the launch


1. Video of the Year

2. Male Video of the Year

To be awarded to the music video by a male artist with the highest mark.

3. Viral Video of the Year

To be awarded to the video with the highest number of You Tube views and public votes.

4. Female Video of the Year

To be awarded to the music video by a female artist with the highest mark

5. Newcomer of the Year

To be awarded to the best video by an artist whose debut onto the mainstream music / music video scene occurred within the past year.

6. Inspirational/ Message Video of the Year

To be awarded to the music video with the best message, and the best translation of that message into a music video format.

7. Video Collaboration of the Year

To be awarded to artists who do not operate as a group or duo but came together on a song and music video. Not to be confused with the category below.

8. Best Group or Duo

To be awarded to artists who already exist as a group or duo and release/ have released their music or videos as a group or duo.

9. Best Direction

This award will be given to the music video whose director best visualises the music video script and best guides the technical crew & actors in the realisation of that vision.

10. Best Cinematography

This award will be given to music video that exhibits the best technique of movie photography, including the shooting and post production.

11. Best Duo Or Group

To be awarded to artists who already exist as a group or duo and release/ have released their music or videos as a group or duo.

12.Best Set Design

To be awarded to the video with outstanding scenery construction and location selection.

13.Best Special Effects

To be awarded to the video with the best optical, mechanical/ physical or computer-generated effects.

14.Best Choreography

Choreography is defined by Wikipedia as “the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are specified” Your video will therefore not be judged on dance sequences alone, but also on the quality of movement in the entire video.

15.Best Costume & Makeup

Awarded to the video that exhibits attention to detail in costume design and makeup for film.

16.Best use of Technology

This award is for the video which demonstrates the highest proficiency or innovativeness in exercising the full functionality of the tools at their disposal, especially the camera.

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