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Club Music Video Awards Official Nominees Unveiled

All photos By Habre Muriisa

After a whole process of selecting the right videos by a panel of judges, today morning the official nominees in the 15 categories for the upcoming Club Music Video Awards slated for Saturday the 18th of March 2017 at  Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall were unveiled a press conference held at the same hotel’s Addis Hall. Hosted by Comedian Alex Muhangi and former Urban TV presenter Malaika Nnyazi, the presser shed a light on who has been nominated where  to the various journalists who represented for their media houses.


Comedian Alex Muhangi and Former Urban TV presenter Malaika Nnyanzi were the hosts


Some of the journalists and revellers who were in attendance

It began off with breakfast serving and later one of the judges Edward Sendikaddiwa (Edy Sendi) who was the first speaker took to the stage to brief the journalists. His speech was just about the hard and easy processes they went through while selecting the final nominees.


One of the judges at the awarding night Edward Sendikadiwa (Edy Sendi) speaking at the presser

Sendi stressed that it was very hard to select the videos as majority of them were submitted in wrong categories and did not match the standard before Alexander Forbes from Urbane (one of the sponsors) handed the list of nominees to the hosts who read them loud for the revellers.


Alexander Forbes from Urbane who are sponsors giving his remarks after handing the list of nominees to the hosts Alex Muhangi and Malaika

 Shortly after, representatives from Club Pilsner namely John Katete and Peter Katonene took to the stage for question and answer session. Peter told the revellers that on top of winning awards, the winners will be receiving something as well that he did not disclose after being asked what winners will get on top of awards.


Peter Katonene and John Katete from Club Pilsener the organisers taking on the journalists’ questions

Katonene further said that as organisers, they are very confident that the selected videos have good quality despite the fact that better ones that were brought in past the deadline time were not considered. For the remaining months, fans should vote for their artistes in only 8 categories Male Video of the Year, Female Video of the Year, New Comer of the Year, Collaboration of the year, Best Duo or Group, Inspirational/Message Video of the year, Viral YouTube Video of the year and Video of the year.

The other 7 categories that is Best Direction, Best Choreography, Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects, Best Use of Technology, Best Set Design, Best Costume and Make Up will be for the judges and technical team to decide. However, it was noted that Winnie Nwagi and Irene Ntale dominated with Ntale having 7 and Nwagi 5 nominations

To vote for your artiste, simply visit www.mva.co.ug, click on vote button and sign in with your email address and you are good to go.



Some of the journalists who attended the press conference

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Here is the full list of nominees 

Best Choreography

Magic – Winnie Nwagi

Njogereza – Navio

Kabulengane – Bebe Cool

Nyinimu – Exodus


Best Cinematography

Akaliro – Rema

Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa

Yeye – Cindy Sanyu x Wahu Kagwi

Mariana – APass


Best Costume & Make Up

Sembera – Irene Ntale

Only You – Lilian Mbabazi

Bukolomoni – Byazy x Cindy Sanyu

Mbilo Mbilo (remix) – Eddy Kenzo x Niniola


Best Directing

Style & Flows – Double 5

Sembera – Irene Ntale

Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa

Magic – Winnie Nwagi


Best Duo or Group

Pull Up – Kent and Flosso (Voltage Music)

Plenty Plenty Radio & Weasel

Nkwagala – B2C

Dagala – Radio & Weasel


Best Set Design

Thank You – Benjamin Spartos

Sembera – Irene Ntale

Mwana Gwe – king Saha

Nkwatako – Sheebah Karungi


Best Special Effects

Emergency – Keya Nemesis

Pistol – Fic fameika

Smart Wire – Vampino

IAIAO – Black Skin


Best Use of Technology

Voice Inside – Patroba x Abaasa

Still Standing – Cindy Sanyu

Yeye – Cindy Sanyu & Wahu

Kabako – Roden Y

Tempo (Remix) – Cindy Sanyu x Dyfla Diligon


Collaboration of The Year

Only You – Lilian Mbabazi

Gamululu – APass/Konshens

Bukolomoni – Byaxy & Cindy

Yeye – Cindy Sanyu and Wahu

Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa


Female Video Of the Year

Magic – Winnie Nwagi

Go Down – Irene Ntale

Akaliro – Rema

Omukwano gwe Kilo – Irene


Inspirational Message Video Of The Year

Tonzoleya – Topic Kasente Ft Sheebah

Gwenafunye – Esther Nabatanzi

Thank You – Benjamin Spartos

Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa


Male Video Of The year

Plenty Plenty – Radio & Weasel

Viva Africa – Eddy Kenzo

Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa

Movie Star – Mi Casa x Eddy Kenzo


Newcomer Of The Year

Thank You – Benjamin Spartos

Run Away – Abaasa

Gwenafunye – Esther Nabatanzi

onzoleya – Topic Kasente x Sheebah


Viral Video Of The Year

Kabulengane – Bebe Cool

Musawo – Winnie Nwagi

Magic – Winnie Nwagi

Farmer (Remix) – Ykee Benda x Sheebah


Video Of The Year

Go Down – Irene Ntale

Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa

Movie Star – Eddy Kenzo

Omukwano – Irene Ntale

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