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Club Silk Management Rubbishes Closure

As we are nearing Election Day, several businesses have closed shop because of fear of what might happen during the elections and the aftermath and it is said that Club Silk is among the closed but unlike others, it is rumored that Silk  one of the country’s biggest night sport is closed for good.

Nonetheless, the club management has come out today to clarify about the circulating rumors saying the club is open only that some segments are under construction.

Club Silk squashes closure rumors.

Club Silk squashes closure rumors.

“This is to kindly inform the general public that Club Silk Ltd is not closed as the rumor goes on and on. We only closed upstairs which is Silk Royale to make some renovations but we still remain open down stairs (Silk Oxygen and the Lounge) every Tuesday and Friday. We won’t be open to the public on Saturdays.” The document read.

When we contacted Charles, the head of marketing at Silk why the club will not be open during Saturdays, he said they want to concentrate on only two days because the marketing trend changed and that it’s no longer easy to run three days in a week.

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