Cocktails To Look Out For During The Kampala Cocktail Week

The third edition of the much-anticipated Kampala Cocktail week is upon us. The event which was launched at Riders Lounge on November 29, 2017 will go on till December 9, 2017.

During the cocktail week, pour yourself into a new urban nightlife culture that Kampala hasn’t experienced before. Discover a masterclass of Mixology and Fine-Drinking through the 10 days of prix fixe Special Edition Celebratory Cocktail Menus across 30 top Kampala bars and lounges.

All the 30 participating bars will offer a Special Edition Celebratory Menu at UGX 8,000 (Shooters), UGX 10,000 (Casual Cocktails), UGX 15,000 (Craft Cocktails), and UGX 25,000 Singleton Pairings. 

No tickets, no vouchers and no bookings are needed from you to enjoy a cocktail of your choice. If you are lost for choice, never mind, we have put together a few cocktails that you ought to try out.

For starters, here is some info for you; “When alcohol is mixed with a soft drink and other ingredients like fruits, it is called a cocktail. When drinks or different fruit juices are mixed, it is a mocktail.”

Here is a list of cocktails to try out during the Kampala Cocktail Week;

The Kololo Sunset: Kololo is an upscale suburb of Kampala. It is a cool place to take a nice walk or simple take an evening jog. Just like the name, this Cocktail is gorgeous. It is made from Uganda Waragi Coconut, orange juice and a dash of pineapple juice. A sip of this exquisite cocktail leaves your pallets yearning for another sip. This is best enjoyed with friends after a hard day at work. The subtle bite from Uganda Waragi Coconut blends into the orange and pineapple juice.

The Muyenga Sunrise: Muyenga is another upscale area of Kampala. It is home to many diplomats and the makers of this cocktail really knew what they were doing by naming it as such. This cocktail is made from; one shot Uganda Waragi original, one shot of Uganda Waragi Coconut, a dash of coffee flavoured Uganda Waragi, orange juice, grenadine and top off with lemonade. Different sensations come to your lips as you swallow this legendary cocktail. Just go to any of the participating outlets and order this. You will not regret.

Tropical Gem Cocktail: This irresistible cocktail is made from Fresh Guava, Pineapple juice, Lemon, Tequila and Uganda Waragi Coconut. What more do you need in a cocktail?

This is one for those who enjoy the hard bite in their cocktail. This is a must try for the gents. It creates instant exhilaration. So, if symptoms persist, ask for another one!

CocoLoco 2.0: Just as its name suggests, this is an upgrade from last year’s award winning CocoLoco 1.0. This is made from Uganda Waragi Coconut, lime cordial and sambuca and garnished with chilli. Anha, this is the real deal. We need not say more. Simply go to Bushpig and try this one out.

During the launch of the Kampala Cocktail Week at Riders Lounge, Agaba Tumusiime, the Brand Manager Uganda Waragi introduced the Master Gabz Cocktail.

He mixed 50ml of Uganda Waragi Coconut, added 25ml of Uganda Waragi Premium and garnished it with lemonade, syrup and other secret ingredients. You may need to look for him if you would like to taste his creation.

So go out and sample as many cocktails as you can.

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