Coco Finger Brings Back The Memories As He Lights Up Neon Rave Party Gulu Edition

There is a tendency in Uganda of people thinking that when a musician reduces on song production rate and stops performing in Kampala, they are faded. However, there are those artistes who are not making public appearances but are still valid and among them is Dancehall singer Coco Finger.

Going by his performance last Saturday in Gulu during the Tusker Lite Neon Rave party that happened at  Acholi Inn gardens, Coco Finger definitely hasn’t lost it.

He was the surprise act but at the end of the night, he was like as if the headlining act. He connected with the audience quite well as he often switched to the local dialect.

The crowd perfectly matched up Coco’s energetic dance moves and even sang louder when he did the Luo version of his ‘Mikono Wagulu’ hit.

Dancehall star Beenie Gunter closed the performances with an equally energetic performance performing his club bangers including “Pon Mi”, “Killa Man”, “Olina Work”, “Sekkle Down” and “Giddem”.

Performances were opened up by the Party Pipo dancers who engaged the crowd with thrilling and energetic dance moves.

Gulu turned out to be yet another successful edition of the Tusker Lite Neon Rave parties with many seemingly surprised that for the Ug Shs 10,000 they would receive a bucket of Tusker Lite beers and even go ahead to have exciting performances from leading entertainers

Many were seen rushing to have their faces and bodies painted with bright colors, while the movie freaks, who were equipped with neon-lit headsets, sat on mats and watched movie after another. Others chose to get tattooed from the tattoo parlor.

For the groovy ones, Dj Crim was simply the perfect companion; the disc spinner kept revelers on their feet as they turned the gardens into a dance floor.

Coco Finger performing

Coco got the revellers dancing

Beenie Gunter performing

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