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Coke Studio Was My Highlight Of The Year – Keko

This year has been filled with lots of ups and downs, the music industry lost several stars (may their souls rest in peace) while some artists have emerged as major forces to reckon with.

We caught up with Uganda’s best female rapper Keko and she talked about her highlights of the year 2015. In the exclusive interview with Chano8, the rapper said Coke studio was her highlight of the year,

‘I remember trashing that hotel. I had the time of my life.’

Keko says she was high when she trashed the hotel

Keko says she was high when she trashed the hotel

She further goes on to say that she was really high that night and remembers trashing everything apart from the TV.

‘Everybody went crazy. You need to focus on your lives’ she added. ‘Juliana’s performance at the coke studio was also a highlight, it’s really refreshing to listen to somebody who can actually sing and the chemistry she has with Flavour, it’s really nice to watch on TV. I was happy for her because I think over the years she has been settling for less, it’s time for her to shine.’

Have a look at the exclusive interview below.

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