Comedian Amooti Asks Government To Support The Uganda Musicians Association

Because of his funny self, he is not taken serious most of the time he speaks, but once in a while, veteran Comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi has real sense his words.

He was recently asked about his take on the just elected members on the Uganda Musicians Association who were sworn in last week on Wednesday at National Theatre

The comedian said that their work will be made easy if the government intervenes and facilitates them.

“With such a committee, we hope for the best but in order to run the association smoothly, Government has to intervene with some money because entertainment is one of the important sectors,” he said while being interviewed on NBS.

What he meant was that the association has come at the right time as we are preparing for elections three years from now when every politician will be seeking for artiste endorsement.

He however cautioned the committee for not having invited all stakeholders in the music industry.

“Every artiste should have been made aware of what is happening before electing the committee. They should have sensitized us all but having said all that, they should take all criticism because some people are not happy.”

Amooti is a veteran comedian with Amarula Family who is also a musician behind songs like ‘Apassa Apassa’, ‘Mbangwa’, ‘Love si muchezo’, ‘Silivia’, Mpa Amazzi’, ‘Olusidiku’ and ‘Namugongo’ among others.

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