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Comedian Dolibondo Shops For New Audi Ride

Lately, every celebrity who gets a big deal or gets a milestone thinks of only one thing to buy – Cars and we’ve seen the likes of Bebe Cool shop for a Mercedes Benz which he later donated to his wife as a birthday present, Radio also shopped for one and so did Mun G.

All these celebrities sent for cars after their involvement in ‘Tubonga nawe’ project but Dolibondo unlike the above mentioned sent for his after the success of his ‘Camp comedy’ show in Jinja a few weeks ago.

The comedian shopped for an AUDI A4 a few weeks to his event, well knowing that it would turn out to be a success and as we write this, it’s already at Mombasa port with arrival at its final destination approximately two weeks from now.


Dolibondo is behind the Camp comedy shows


The AUDI A4 like above is expected to arrive in the country soon

We are not yet sure how much Dolibondo paid for this German ride but we are tipped that he paid over shs20million.

This comes after his only Toyota Wil Vs was involved in an accident beyond repair at Mukwano road in industrial area.

Not only did Dolibondo just get a huge crowd, he also got several sponsors for his annual event.

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