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Comedian Hannington Bugingo Heaps Praises On Chameleone After Being Hired As The Executive Producer Of His New Album

Having released just a few new songs since last year, some people say that veteran musician Jose Chameleone’s participation in politics made him relax when it comes to music but that might not be the case if the information we gathered is one to go by.

Chamili as he is sometimes called, is currently a busy head recording a new album that is going to have 20 songs on it and this is going to be a mega project according to comedian, actor and film producer Hannington Bugingo whom he hired as the Executive producer for it

Throwing more light on the production of this album, Bugingo revealed that work is already going on with four tracks released for so far.

“I am the executive producer of Chameleone’s upcoming album and we want 20 songs on the album. We shall however record and produce many songs because we want to have a variety of like 50 or 100 songs then we select the best” Explained Bugingo

Hannington went ahead to say that this album is going to introduce a brand new Chameleone as compared to the one we have been listening to through the years. He asserted that the “Badilisha” singer is as good or even better that Nigeria’s Burna Boy

“The Chameleone we want you to listen to is not the Chameleone you have been listening to. Chameleone is a star here and no one will ever beat him to being a star in music so we want to propel Chameleone to Africa because he is indeed a global African star. He is as good as or even better than the Burna Boys in terms of the voice and everything”

The executive producer also disclosed that he will not work alone but with different local and international producers who have been producing some of Chameleone’s songs

Jose Chameleone is one of the Ugandan artistes that have had a successful music career. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and managed to release classic tunes that will live for generations.

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