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Comedian Kapale Bedridden As He Refuses To Comply To Prescription

At times doctors fail to realize that it is not easy to quit certain things people are addicted too. On the same note, comedian Kapale Kawuki is having a hard time trying to stop drinking waragi after doctors advised him to

Kapale is currently admitted following diabetic attack he suffered and this is believed to have been caused by a lot of alcohol in his system. One of the local TV stations visited him in hospital where they interviewed him about his health status.

It was a moment of fun however as the comedian amused the interviewers, ranting how doctors gave him the hardest task to take on (quitting alcohol)

“Diabetes is my problem and I have been hesitant about it especially after feeling a little bit stronger to keep on drinking waragi. Little did I know that things were getting tough. Treatment things are funny because the things you love are same ones they ask you to quit and the ones you don’t likes are ones they ask you to eat.” Kapale said

Although alcohol is the main cause of Kapale’s problem, he wasn’t afraid of saying that doctors did very bad to stop him from drinking it.

“Amongst the things the doctors stopped me from doing is quitting drinking waragi and this is not good. I will at least try and make sure I brew my own waragi. I am addicted to alcohol and it already mixed with my blood”  the comedian added.



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