Comedian MC Mariachi Upgrades To New Monster Ride, Buys A Prado TX

Almost six years into the comedy industry, comedian MC Mariachi has really lived his talk. After  legalizing his marriage at a traditional ceremony last year now the news coming through confirms how acquired himself  brand new Toyota Prado TX 2007 model ride. This is another way of celebrating his success as a Comedian.

The car broker known as Mohammed who sealed the deal with the comedian at Yuasa Motors located in Nakawa tells us that Mariachi has been paying for the car ever since the year started. He refused to give details of how the payments have been going but confirmed that on Monday, Mariachi finally completed the payments and was handed his car.

Mariachi is one of the few young Comedians that broke out through a few years back.  After trying out comedy in Nansana, a Kampala City suburb, he rose through ranks and joined the top cream comedians in the land. However, it took him a short time to suppress those top named comedians he found in the industry.

In 2017 and 2018 consecutively, Mariachi was voted the best comedian in Uganda. He built his fan base from ordinary people to the urban audience. He has been slowly but surely building his brand.

Right now, he is among the most booked comedians in Uganda. It is not a surprise that he has started showing what he has been sweating for. Yesterday evening Mariachi was seen cruising around the city and around his home area Nansana in this new ride with his bodyguard.

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