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Comedian Ronnie McVex Shows Off Guitar Playing Skills

All photos By Habre Muriisa/Chano8

If you thought that making people laugh was the only talent comedian Ronnie McVex had, you missed a lot if you did not attend Mad Rat and Chiko’s Nseko Buseko show he hosted last Friday evening because he proved to attendees that he got a talent when it  comes to playing a guitar too.

Initially, it was singer Herbert Ssensamba who was entertaining the crowd with a live performance before the start of the show but after McVex kicked it off, he later took the guitar away from Herbert thus playing it as the crowd cheered.

However, he first started off as a learner who had no idea on a guitar, playing notes that were not connecting and some revellers were heard saying ‘bikulemye’ (Luganda for ‘you have failed). This was before he became serious and played a very good melody to Radio’s hit song ‘Neera’. This got the crowd excited to an extent of clapping and singing along.

R0nnie McVex proving that he is good at the guitar

As if that was not enough, he also played the melody to one of Africa’s greatest songs of all time, ‘Todi’ by Zimbabwean music legend Oliver Mtukudzi who was recently in Uganda at the sold out The Lock Down Concert at Imperial Royale Hotel.

By this time, the crowd was all lit up as he continued to play thus asking him to sing but to their surprise, he did not as he gave excuses saying he was not ready to sing because he had only come to host the Pixel Media organised show that took place at Theatre Labonita.

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McVex playing the guitar as singer Herbert looks on

McVex gives excuses that he wont sing after wowing them with good melodies with the guitar


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