Comedian Salvado Idringi Finally Proposes To Longtime Sweetheart Daphne Frankstock

Most African men are believed to propose to their girlfriends only after they have produced children with them. Comedian Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi seems to have followed this theory after he went down on his knees yesterday to propose to his longtime girlfriend Frankstock, the mother of his two children.

Salvado and Daphne have been cohabiting for seven years and their engagement comes just a few days after Daphne had graduated at Makerere University with a Post Graduate Diploma.

“What a weekend I had… my promise to support her education came to pass when she got her post graduate degree and at her party I went down on one knee and asked her to be Mrs. Idringi. She said YESSS,” Salvado tweeted.

Salvado with his family in a recent photoshoot. 

“I thought this was the right time to go down on one knee in-front of close family and friends and pop the question… 7Yrs, 2 Kids and a fulfilled promise of supporting her education and dreams, SHE SAID YESS,” Salvado added on a follow up post on Facebook.

It is reported in some media circles that, Daphne first dated Mc Kats a TV presenter back in the day before she hooked with Salvado afterwards although this theory is not verified, all we know is she has since been faithful to the comedian and given him 2 children.

See the video of how it went down over the weekend at Daphne’s graduation party;

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