Comedian Salvado Sets Date For His Wedding

Comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado finally came out to light and set the date when he will walk his fiancee Daphne Frankstock down the aisle.

The sensational comedian made the announcement last Saturday where friends, family and his relatives gathered for their first wedding meeting. December is the month when the wedding will take place although the exact date has been kept a top secret.

However, the few details we learned is that the couple will wed at Mbuya Parish Catholic church and reception will be held at the prestigious Serena Hotel, Kigo.

It has also been understood that Daphne and Salvador are planning am NTV presenter Andrew Kyamagero’s kind of reception. They surely want to invite a few close friends who matter to them. It will be a small gathering but full of fun.

When the news landed into Daphne’s ears, she was not only full of joy but also started the hunt for the best fashionistas around town. Her close friend we talked to says that Daphne feels so fresh and happy to see that her man has finally allowed walking the holy path with her.

Away from being a patient wife and mother, Daphne has been there for the comedian amidst several allegations and controversies that surround any other famous person.

The two have been together since 2013 and are blessed with two children. Early this year in January, Salvador proposed to Daphne on her graduation party. As we wait for the D-Day, we wish the couple happiness in their marriage.

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