Comedians Crack Humans And Animals At Camp Comedy In Entebbe

Ugandans love entertainment and that is why they can fill stadiums during three shows happening on the same day, exactly what transpired during the weekend when we had a variety of events happening around and outside of town.

On Saturday alone, there was Queen of Katwe movie premier, Afrigo Band’s Golden Ball concert at Serena Hotel, Purple Party in Gulu and the camp comedy at Uganda Wildlife Education centre also known as Zoo.

The innovation was worth it as crowds started heading at UWEC by midday to first see the animals before a night out with laughter.

Courtesy of Felix Jesero alias Dolibondo with the support of club twist, the third edition of Camp Comedy had comedians like ‘The Talkers’, Optional Allan, Okello Okello, Coltilda Inapo , Bright Onak,  Kalera,  Arnold Bubinyo and Tamale Mirundi among others.

Even though the line-up was not all that, people who attended had a great time especially from T- Amale also known as Tamale who is known for mimicking former Presidential Advisor Tamale Mirundi. His performance started at 10 pm and one of the jokes that rounded it up was that ‘previously, to get to see a lady’s butt, one had to first remove her knickers but lately, all one needs to do is remove the butt in order to see the knickers referring to the fake bums women wear.’


The cold breeze from the shores of the lake did not affect the show as revellers gathered around several fire places while couples cuddled the entire night while getting their ribs cracked up.

Camp tents were set-up for those who needed a rest at only 30k while for those who wanted to participate in other activities, beach soccer, cards, joke telling and others.

The next show according to Dolibondo will take place in December on a date that will be communicated.


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