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‘Comedy Meets Music’ At A Charity Concert

Photos by Habre Muriisa

A special round of applause to Alma Family Center , veteran comedian Pablo real names Kenneth Kimuli, Fenon Records  for the nice sound, not forgetting sponsors like Power Fm , Gems Cambridge International School Kampala ,Radiant , KFM, NBS TV  among others, who made the highly awaited Comedy Meets Music Charity Concert come to pass last night at the Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall.

Like the name of the concert, it was a mixture of comedy and music where top comedians and well to do artistes  made sure revellers didn’t get bored but stay smiling and entertained the whole evening long.


A section of the revellers in attendance

The Hosts, comedian Pablo and Martha Kay (of the Range Rover accident fame) kicked off the concert at exactly 8:40 PM with a few jokes from Pablo, and later singer Dorah Kay who was taken over by the first comedian Dr Bluetooth cracking attendees with jokes like how cute girls wearing nice lipstick never speak out words like Peas, Pizza, Pork while making orders in hotels because their lipstick can easily wear off and later, singer Samantha Ochelo concluded the first round of performances.


Hosts Pablo and Martha Kay of the Range Rover accident fame


Dorah Kay perfoming ‘Receive My Love’


Comedian Bluetooth



Singer Samantha Ochelo

The Missionaries of Christ choir from Alma Foundation who are the organisers of the concert gave more attendees more entertainment with a gospel hymn before another comedian Living Tomas took to the stage and excited the crowd more, talking about how Banyankore show excitement everywhere for example picking calls and talking loud in clubs or other social gatherings.


Missionaries of Christ choir sang a hymn


Comedian Living Tomas


A couple enjoying the comedy performances

Gospel singer and producer DReign took the stage next and later was Sarah Tamba who sang with a sweet voice in Kinyarwanda and English languages. More showcases were from comedian Prince Emmah who cracked a joke of how he is too dark but every time he plays with his too brown baby, doubts of whether the baby is his or not arise in him and later was gospel singer Ruyonga.


Music producer and singer DReign on stage


Sarah Tamba crooning it away


Comedian Prince Emmah was too hilarious


Gospel singer Ruyonga  performed ‘Tutuuse’, ‘Ruu’ and ‘Mwahurira’ songs

As the concert was getting getting wound up, comedian Uncle Bob came next and funny him gave the crowd his doze, cracking jokes like how some youth are seriously building an empire, some seriously watching Empire the movie where as some drink Empire alcohol. The last comedian was Daniel Omara who was succeeded by singer Sam Kimera who thrilled the ladies performing songs like ‘I Care’ live along with 3 backup singers and is performance concluded the show late in the night.


Comedian Uncle Bob


These bebs couldn’t hold the laughter


Comedian Daniel Omara


Singer Sam Kimera


More Pictures


The directors of Alma Family centre sharing a word of God with the crowd


Being the host did not stop Pablo from cracking jokes too dsc_4860-large  dsc_4855-large  dsc_4846-large     dsc_4795-large  dsc_4781-large  dsc_4772-large dsc_4770-large dsc_4767-large dsc_4761-large  dsc_4756-large dsc_4755-large dsc_4752-large dsc_4739-large dsc_4738-large      dsc_4711-large dsc_4710-large

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