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Comedy Nights Return This Week At Laftaz Comedy Lounge

Through the years, you have watched and enjoyed your favourite comedians do their thing at Laftaz Comedy Lounge. Jazz Comedy has been on hold since the 2nd week of December and after such a long break one ought to have missed the busts of laughter the nights offer.

Well, this year is going to be different, music coupled with comedy with 2 shows a week Tuesday and Wednesday starting with 2nd and 3rd of February. It all begins with a bang!


Alex Muhangi, Salvado, Bright, Mc Vex at last year’s show

Chano8 contacted the manager of Jazz Comedy Sams Kaggwa and he had this to say. “It is a new style all together. There is alot of comedy everywhere, people going to bars and different hotels. We are trying to bring up a new comedy fully experienced bonanza where people don’t miss out. You know we have been having a one day show weekly


The cast at last year’s final show


MC Kapale cracking ribs at last year’s show

All roads should lead to Laftaz Comedy Lounge for the next 2 days, 2nd and 3rd where you will be sure to catch your favourite comedians like Salvado Idringi, Alex Muhangi Bright Onak, Arthur De Vaccine, Kobusheshe, Ronnie Macvex, Dolibondo, Madraxx and Chico, Snake and Zoro among others alongside raga artiste Ziza Bafana and Queen Sheebah Karungi at only 15,000 shillings. Let the Laughter begin!


Sheebah slated to perform tomorrow at Laftaz Comedy Lounge


Ziza Bafana will perform too tomorrow


Some of the revelers who attended last year’s final show

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