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Salvado’s Eatery Business’ Dream Comes True

Apart from earning from the business of comedy, comedian Salvado Idringi will also earn from selling food. His long time dream finally came true when he opened up a pizza selling spot named Salvado’s at Laftaz Comedy Lounge and those who have been there of recent, you agree with us that the business is up and running and you can have your self one at only 20,000 Ugandan shillings. Chano8 contacted Salvado for a comment and more details and this is what he had to say.


Salvado achieves his dream of joining eatery business

“I’ve always wanted to venture into eatery because I love food so this was a great opportunity when my business partner Jonathan Kyeyo suggested it to me. We started selling to the public last week but we intend to do a mega launch very soon. So far we have one standard price of 20.000 for all pizzas because we are still making more recipes.”


A look at how the pizza looks like

“On the launch we shall also reveal the different prices we have one of the best local Pizza Chefs and quality is one of the virtues we want to hold. We shall also be unveiling the online platform where people order online and we deliver within a few minutes to their respective locations.” Salvado added.


some of the revelers enjoying the taste of pizza

Comedy at Laftaz will now be more enjoyable especially to the Pizza lovers and congratulations to salvado upon achieving your dream of venturing into eatery business.

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