Comedy Store Show Finds New Venue

After falling out with Diners lounge, Comedian Alex Muhangi has found a new home for his ‘Comedy Store’ weekly show and it’s going to be The 400 Bar still in Bukoto.

According to the official statement released on the comedy store pages, they announced that they will no longer hold their shows at the Bukoto based Diners Lounge where it has been for the last one and a half years but will have it next door at The 400 Bar.

The maiden show is set to happen this Thursday with Madrat and Chiko, Amooti, Mariachi, Snake and Zolo, Afande Kerekere, Jaja Bruce, Senga Nantume and Winnie Nwagi slated to entertain the fans.

However, we have leant that the decision why comedy store had to leave Diners were based on the fact that the business interests on both sides couldn’t be aligned. Management of the venue had backtracked on honouring most of the obligations initially agreed upon which exhibited a lack of good will.


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