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“Copy From Barbie Kyagulanyi”- Feffe Bussi Tells Future Wife

  • You won’t believe, rapper Feffe Bussi wants his future wife to be like Mrs. Barbie Kyagulanyi
  • Barbie Kyagulanyi is wife to musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine
  • The 24-year-old rapper told whoever his future wife will be to copy from Barbie Kyagulanyi
  • Feffe Busi claims that Barbie is the treu meaning of a ‘strong lady’

However small or underrated an artiste could be, there will always be at least one a day he breaks through. Musically, rapper Feffe Bussi is not doing so bad. He has quite a number of songs that have placed him among good Hip Hop artistes at the moment.

With all the good music and fame he has earned since his breakthrough, Feffe Bussi is not in a serous relationship with a woman. Sometime back when asked whether he has a girlfriend, the ‘Yes No’ singer said that music is all he thinks of at the moment but it seems all this changed because he finally talked about the woman of his dreams.

The rapper said he would like a woman like Barbie Kyagulanyi, wife to musician-turned-politician because of her personality.

“Please my future wife. Note i need a few qualities. Copy from #barbiekyagulanyi.
True meaning of a strong lady” 
Feffe wrote in his Facebook account.

Rapper Feffe Bussi wants his future wife to be like Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Kyagulanyi

However, a woman like Barbie might be hard to find in Uganda because she is one of a kind. The rapper might be so he has to find other qualities.

Lately, Ugandan musicians want to emulate Bobi Wine and Barbie because of what they have been through. The couple makes news more than anyone in the industry so it doesn’t come a s a surprise if Feffe Bussi says his future woman should be like or have qualities like Barbie’s.

To all the girls out there, you now know which qualities to have that is if in case then young rapper is to consider having you as his better half

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