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The Crazy Fun side of Malia Obama

It’s now written in the skies, Malia has a fun side. Malia Obama was spotted attending music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago this weekend.

President Obama’s oldest daughter was attending the show with friends with few secret service members who had dressed down.

The teenager who recently celebrated her 16th birthday attempted to blend in but failed to do so as she was easily noticed.

According to TMZ, the teenager stayed until the finale was over and then left the park on with friends.

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Some young fans took to Twitter to share the excitement. One teenager, Sarah, tweeted a selfie with Malia with the caption: ‘J chillin with Malia Obama.’

Another, JD, tweeted: ‘I asked Malia Obama for a picture and she said she wasn’t allowed to take pictures with people.’


TMZ further reported that Malia was pictured at one point in the crowd standing next to a burly man dressed in black believed to be Secret Service.

Lollapalooza took place over a period of three days at the Grant Park in Chicago from July 31st and had an attendance of over 300,000 people.

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