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Critics And Fans Give Bebe Cool ‘5-Star Rating’ For New Song ‘Love You Everyday’

We broke the news of Bebe Cool’s new song that went international before it was local last week. We also exclusively revealed to you how it will feature on local TV stations this week. Well, now the local stations are playing the song and we can reveal the it is receiving good reviews from DJs, presenters and viewers.

Bebe Cool new video

Bebe Cool in the new music video

Just a few days since its release to the local media and public, the song has spread like wild fire. Local TV stations are playing it repeatedly and above all, there is the general consensus that, ‘yes, Bebe got it 100% perfect this time.’

Douglas Lwanga who premiered the video on Monday this week on the program NTV the Beat, was all praises and described it as “High quality” he replayed it again on Tuesday and Wednesday on the same program.

Even on social media the rate of sharing and views increases each second that passes by. From the day of publication on 26th July, the song has so far garnered 19,162 views, 372 likes on YouTube and that number keeps increasing by the second with only ‘10 Haters’ pressing the ‘Dislike’ button so far.

“This is what the Ugandan music industry needs!  so proud of you Bebe Cool” Lyll Mykk commented on the YouTube video

Most of the viewers have given positive and encouraging comments with majority calling other Ugandan artists to emulate the ‘Nkola Byafayo’ singer as they congratulate him on this achievement. Others refer to it as a breakthrough for Ugandan music onto the international scene.

The song written and produced by Michael Fingers was done at Fenon Records in Kampala. The video was directed by Clarence A. Peter in Kenya. It was first featured on Channel O, Trace TV, MTV-Base and East Africa TV before it made its way to the local viewers back home this week.

The song, off his upcoming international ‘Mama’ album, will be one of the highlights for his Best of Bebe Cool concert slated for August 8th at Kampala Serena Hotel.

You can watch the video here and give us your opinion on our Facebook page chano8

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