Cut-ways Ruffle The Miss Uganda Craze

Photos by Habre Muriisa

Last Saturday at Kampala Serena during the Miss Uganda fiesta, fashionistas were thrilling to the eye! The ladies took cut-ways to a whole new street. It was all about ‘a little bit’ of some skin!!! The beauty queens showed up in all sorts of appreciated style senses to fit the occasion.

Needless to say, there were also the black sheep of the family, but then again what’s fashion without the usual fashion wrong steppers. Obviously there were those experiencing wardrobe misplacements, totally not dressed for the occasion and there were also the fashion stars.

The Fashionista superstar Malaika Nnyanzi rocked a navy blue dress, and strapped heels, exclusively gorgeous among many others!


For the bold, beautiful and great bodies the cut-ways are really flattering. This lady rocked this look like a superstar! A brilliant wardrobe selection


This beauty queen rocked her cut away quite boldly, fine make up, less accessory. She definitely paid attention to detail and has no worries fronting that gorgeous body!


This lady took the cut to the middle and in green! The accessories, jewelry were also impressively placed. Well done Missy!!


The Urban Fashionista star looked outstanding in her ‘to die for’ heels and navy blue dress showing off her shoulders! while there was no doubt the Red carpet presenter Kabs killed it.


She drove the cuts to a whole new street, this takes a lot of boldness because it can easily go bad


The hosts especially the fabulous Fabiola looked ravishing but he could have looked better.


Chicky and sexy is the choice they made and it paid off just fine!

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